My story – why I love writing Vintage typewriter drawing

From Egyptian hieroglyphs to today’s digital media, people have used words and symbols to communicate.

While writing has evolved from carving images into stone tablets, throughout history, a strong thread has held true:

Written words hold the power to connect people with information.

Writing can seem magical in its ability to inform, educate, and stir emotions such as excitement, joy, a dire warning – even love.

Writing the words that communicate and make meaningful connections is my gift.

The ability to use my skills and experience to write for you is my talent.

More than a freelance writer

I opened my freelance writing door in 2005 but my journey started long before.

As a starry-eyed child, I loved to read and write stories.

As an adult, I was the one everyone called to help formulate the words on web pages, newsletters, and tricky correspondence.

As a paralegal, I worked hard and grew my skills and experiences in the corporate world.

As certified SEO web writer, I invested in highly specialized training in direct marketing, content marketing and SEO copywriting.

As a freelance writer, my background enables me to understand you and your customers so I can write great copy.

The skills that make me a great writer

Woven together, my tapestry of skills includes:

  • Research, writing and smart presentation of large qualities of information
  • Creating marketing materials, manuals, policies, newsletters, and handbooks
  • Writing digital media such as web copy, blogs, articles, and social media posts
  • Teaching classes and public speaking
  • Management and project coordination
  • Marketing and community relations
  • Customer service that decreases risk and liability
  • Fundraising and non-profits
  • Coordinating community events
  • Due diligence and preparation of contracts and confidential memorandums
  • Real estate sales and marketing

Some experience to back me up

Along with local clients, my professional history includes:

More about me

I live in a tree studded area of central Texas, fondly called the Hill Country, with my husband and very spoiled, much-loved dog.

When not writing, I can usually be found enjoying time with my family, outdoors throwing the dog’s ball, reading, keeping up-to-date on the latest in content marketing, or thinking about buying a pair of shoes I don’t need.

I also love the beach and all creatures of the sea and co-own a fun website that reflects that.  Since I don’t get to spend too much time at the beach these days, I love to go swimming as often as possible.

You can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.