Content Marketing

Content marketing tells your customers about you and every business has a story to tell.

A story can engage and attract more customers, increase trust, promote your products or services, and bring you more prospects.

When your story is shared via a smart content marketing strategy, your customers and customers-to-be will trust you, engage more with you, and feel good about referring their friends.


Because in their eyes, you become:

  • The expert in your field,
  • The solution to their challenges, and
  • Provide the answers they are searching for.

A rock solid content marketing strategy targets your prospects and clearly communicates your story – what your products and services are – without hype, cheesy click bait, and useless webpages and social media posts that do nothing for your bottom line.

What your customers and the search engines are searching for is relevant, reliable, quality information. When you can deliver this, you will impress your clients, influence prospects, and position yourself as an expert.

SEO Copywriting

The bottom line:

You’ll earn more money with a content marketing strategy that focuses on quality website content through the delivery of well researched search engine optimized (SEO) copy that reveals what your customers are searching for-thus fulfilling their insatiable quest for information.

If they connect with your story, you’ll build trust, and help them through their buying decision.

More than a freelance writer, my services can help you develop a cohesive plan to increase traffic to your website and clearly communicate with your customers in print, on the Internet, and across social media platforms through the creation and delivery of professional:

  • Search engine optimized copywriting
  • Website content
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Social media content
  • Research projects
  • Brochures
  • Ebooks
  • Projects
  • Money making websites
  • Graphic design collaboration

This unique strategy will assist you in optimizing your story so that your target customer can find your business while streamlining the delivery of your message to meet your customer’s needs.

More than a copywriter, I give a voice to your brand through the creation of crystal clear content and have a highly skilled graphic designer and artist, Laura Leatherwood, on my team who can create visually compelling graphic designs that further enhance your image and message to your customers.

Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

The facts:

  • Gone are the days when a copywriter could deliver poor quality content and have it deliver results on the search engines.
  • More informed, savvy consumers now do their research on-line before purchasing products or choosing a professional to do business with.
  • With the ever changing world of search engine optimization, hiring just a copywriter is not enough.
  • Visually compelling, cohesive graphics further your image to impress your customers.
  • Mass producing tons of information in hopes that something will stick is now frowned upon by Google.
  • Quality copywriting is what Google and your clients are looking for.

Freelance Writing Services

Before embarking on any content marketing project, I will spend time getting to know your business, who your competition is, and what makes you unique.   It is simply impossible to write the professional, high quality content you are looking for without taking this step.

My freelance writing services include a confidential analysis of my research results, which will enable us to collaborate on your project.  If custom graphic designs or art is requested, that will added into bundled pricing.

If you’re ready to tell your story to the world, update your website, or need a freelance writer, please contact me today.

For more information about how connecting with customers impacts the decisions they make, check out this article in Psychology Today.